Dani Flexer’s Portfolio

What this is all about

This is a consolidation of some of the written materials I have generated over the years into a pseudo-blog for the benefit of anyone who wants to know me professionally.

Please send me an email with any comments, feedback, questions, ideas, job opportunities, or whatever else you fancy.

Professional Writing

My professional writing is divided into:

Technical marketing documents: white-papers, solution briefs and other documents targeted at decision makers, system architects, and developers. These were written for customers and were developed in collaboration with their subject-matter-experts.

Other work permitting, I offer the development of technical marketing documents as a service. In addition to the examples of documents I wrote, see my technical marketing offering page for details of the types of documents I and my collaborators offer and please send me an email if you would like further details.

Presentations, blogs, articles, and other writings for public, private, and internal presentations, as part of my service offerings, and on various other occasions.

Internal pre-sales, post-sales, SOWs, RFPs, project plans, etc., that were produced in the course of either employment or independent consulting engagements and targeted at specific customers.

Documents that I can distribute freely are directly accesible through the links. Materials that I cannot distribute freely, are protected by a password. If you need a password, send me an email telling me what your interest in my work is and I’m sure we can work something out.

If you want to use any of the materials I own, I am happy to let you do so, on the condition that you attribute them to me and let me know how you intend to use them.